In Mr. Stickley’s Home: The Essential Tour

 Thursday through Sunday

 Tours leave the Museum Shop at 12:15, 1:15, 2:15 and 3:15 p.m.

 No reservation necessary.

The Log House

Explore the Log House at Craftsman Farms, Gustav Stickley’s rustic country estate and a National Historic Landmark. Largely restored to its 1910 - 1917 appearance, the Log House at Craftsman Farms is the only home Stickley designed and built for his own use. 

This basic tour lasts approximately 1-¼ hour and takes visitors through the two main floors of Stickley's dream home, offering an in-depth look at Stickley's life and work. Our knowledgeable docents afford every visitor the opportunity to ask questions and discuss areas of interest.

Tours depart from the Museum Shop.

Advance registration is not required for this tour.


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Tour Su W 5-4-13

Fresh Eyes Tour Series

The Stickley Museum is pleased to offer a variety of tours to our visitors. The Fresh Eyes Tours series runs on a rotating schedule and offers returning and first-time visitors opportunities to see Craftsman Farms in new ways.


Evenings at Craftsman Farms: The Twilight Tour

Twilight TourSaturdays, January 23 and 30

& February 13, 2016 

5:00 p.m.

Advance reservation required.

$5 Members

$12 Non Members


This after-hours tour offers new and returning visitors a rare treat. We begin at twilight in the North Cottage before visiting Gustav Stickley's Log House in the evening, when the amber light of the copper lanterns shines most beautifully.

Part of our Fresh Eyes Tour Series, created to provide insightful new ways to see and experience the Log House, the Twilight Tour explores the development of electricity in New Jersey, and the part it played in daily life at Craftsman Farms.

Make it a date! Bring your significant other and you're sure to see sparks fly during this electric evening. Then linger in the Museum Shop for light refreshments following the program.

Note: This tour occurs mostly indoors, inside two historic homes on the property. A brief span is spent walking outdoors, traveling to and from the two buildings.


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Twilight Tour

January 23, 2016

at 5:00 pm

Cancelled due to weather

Twilight Tour

January 30, 2016

at 5:00 pm

SOLD OUT!                 

Twilight Tour

February 13, 2016

at 5:00 pm






Mr. Stickley’s Detectives: Time Travel Tour


Ages 6-9, MUST be accompanied by an adult.

Available to groups of 8 or more by reservation only. Call 973.540.0311 or email for details. 

Accompanied by an adult, kids use photo clues and handling objects to investigate life in the Stickley’s home 100 years ago.

Gustav Stickley lived at Craftsman Farms with his family from 1910-1917. What did the Stickley kids do for fun? What was their home like? What did they wear? What chores did they do? How are our lives different? And how are they the same? Just imagine what we can discover! 

Bring your young detectives and together we’ll travel back in time! Kids use photo clues and handling objects to explore what life was like in Stickley’s family home 100 years ago. This fun and engaging guided tour, created especially for families, explores the social customs, popular pastimes, and other aspects of daily life during the Progressive Era.





Mr. Stickley’s Style: Beauty, Harmony & Simplicity

Morris Chair in place RFS

Available to groups of 8 or more by reservation only. Call 973.540.0311 or email for details. 


Whether you’re taking on the restoration of a historic bungalow, or simply looking to integrate a few Craftsman pieces into your home, our “Beauty, Harmony & Simplicity” tour breaks down the elements of Mr. Stickley’s style into parts, making it easy to get the look in your own home.


Once you have the tools you need, tour the Log House, Gustav Stickley’s masterpiece of Arts & Crafts design and be inspired!

This 1½ hour introduction and tour includes a resource guide.


Call 973.540.0311 or email for more information.




04 December 2016


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