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Early Newcomb Pottery

from the Barbara and Henry Fuldner Collection

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Exclusively available from The Stickley Museum at Craftsman Farms is this beautiful and comprehensive catalog of the 2016 exhibition Early Newcomb Pottery from the Barbara and Henry Fuldner Collection. This focused exhibition held in the dining room of Gustav Stickley’s Log House at Craftsman Farms highlights the work of a dozen decorators, focusing on the early period of production at Newcomb Pottery. This accompanying catalog explores connections between these two contemporaneous Arts and Crafts enterprises, drawing visual and ideological parallels in their approach to design.


Newcomb Pottery and Stickley’s multi-faceted endeavors shared many of the same design principles espoused by leading educators and artists of the period. Period publications, including Stickley’s magazine, The Craftsman, were critical to the dissemination of information and served as manuals of good design. These texts are explored, along with the close networks of educators, artists, editors, and students advocating for design reform, illuminating how these ideals were put into practice. 8.5x11 trim size, 44 pages, full color throughout (historic photos and illustrations in b&w), paperback.


Barbara Fuldner, a great-granddaughter of Gustav Stickley, together with her late husband Henry Fuldner, assembled the beautiful collection of early Newcomb pottery on view. In addition to being an independent consultant, researcher, appraiser, and broker, Marilee Meyer helped the Fuldners build their collection and co-curated the exhibition. Co-curator Adrienne Spinozzi, whose research provided a central focus for the exhibition and catalog, is a Research Associate at The Metropolitan Museum of Art.



Craftsman Farms book coverCraftsman Farms

by Heather E. Stivison

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Craftsman Farms was the country estate of the father of the American Arts and Crafts movement, Gustav Stickley. Though Stickley is credited with creating hundreds of home designs, this property contains the only home he designed and built for his own use. His rustic log house was built upon a rolling hillside surrounded by lawns, stone walls, and working farmland. In September 1917, the property was purchased by Sylvia and George Farny, who loved it dearly and passed it on to their descendants. Portions of the 650 acres were sold, but the core remained intact until the 1980s, when it was threatened by condominium development. Community activists launched a Save the Farms campaign, which led to the Township of Parsippany-Troy Hills purchasing Craftsman Farms through eminent domain. Today, it is a busy historic house museum operated by the nonprofit Stickley Museum at Craftsman Farms. Craftsman Farms showcases the significant design legacy Gustav Stickley created as well as the architectural and landscape history of this New Jersey National Historic Landmark. 128 pages, 200 B&W illustrations, paperback.


Heather E. Stivison, the former executive director of the Stickley Museum at Craftsman Farms, selected many previously unpublished photographs from the museums archives and from personal scrapbooks of descendants of Craftsman Farms residents.


Gustav Stickley's Craftsman Farms: A Pictorial History

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The award-winning second edition of the must-have book, Gustav Stickley's Craftsman Farms: A Pictorial History, is now available. The book, edited by David Cathers, and includes essays on the landscape at Craftsman Farms, the architecture, furnishings, and Stickley family. This new edition includes two entirely new essays by Mark Alan Hewitt and Robert Winter which set Craftsman Farms in the context of New Jersey history and the Progressive Movement. 110 pages, 70 B&W illustrations, 110 pages, paperbound.




The Craftsman on CD-Rom

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New Edition of The Craftsman on CD-Rom

The Craftsman (published from 1901 to 1916) was the voice of the American Arts & Crafts movement. The Craftsman brought Stickley’s ideas of the Craftsman lifestyle to a wide audience and remains a key source of information and a historical record of the Arts & Crafts movement.

This digital collection of The Craftsman includes all 183 issues, with architectural designs for more than 200 Craftsman homes; examples of all types of furnishings such as flower stands, chairs, library tables, magazine racks, wall treatments and candle holders; political and cultural commentary; and essays on the simplification of life and the art of home building.

Each page, or all 25,000 of them, can be printed. An index file listing all articles is included. Each issue is in its own file in Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) format, can be used with both Windows and Mac, and is searchable. Adobe Reader is provided. (All files can also be copied to your hard drive if you have 4.5 gigabytes of free space available.) At such an affordable price, this collection is a must for all Arts & Crafts aficionados.



Mr. Stickley's Catalogues

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This comprehensive listing of more than 50 Stickley catalogues, beginning in the year 1900 demonstrates Stickley’s skills as a consumer product marketer and his genius as the head of his design studio, the breadth of his “brand” and its associated lifestyle. B & W, 16 pages.




Mr. Stickley's Restaurant

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This exhibition catalogue explores and interprets a vital though often overlooked chapter of Gustav Stickley’s career – the Craftsman Restaurant. It considers Stickley’s early advocacy of healthy natural, locally grown food, and reveals the restaurant’s close connection to Craftsman Farms. Essays by David Cathers, William Grimes, and Debra Hegstrom help reveal the restaurant’s close connection to Craftsman Farms and its integral role within Stickley’s enterprises, while also placing it within the larger social contexts of Manhattan’s vibrant turn-of-the-twentieth-century restaurant scene and the contentious public health issues confronted by Progressive-era America. Fully illustrated with archival photographs and a reproduction of the restaurant’s menu. B & W, 34 pages.



Mr. Stickley's Lighting 

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This exhibition catalogue examines Gustav Stickley's approach to lighting throughout his career in five illuminating essays that give meaning and context to the various types of lighting in American homes in the early part of the twentieth century.   A context setting essay by Mark Weaver thoughtfully considers life in the early 1900s and examines both the psychological and esthetic impact of interior lighting at the time.  Guest author Edward Wirth, an archivist from Thomas Edison National Historic Park, helps us understand the work of the man who brought us the electric light bulb.  Jonathan Clancy sheds some light on the business aspects of Stickley's metal shop, examining the production, design, and labor force as a model of the arts and crafts business.  Master artisans Dawn Hopkins and Michael Adams take us inside the world of metalwork from the perspective of the metalsmith.  And finally, Tim Gleason offers insights into design elements within Stickley's lighting, culled from original source material.  Numerous color and B&W illustrations throughout.  44 pages. Paperback.



Stickley's Craftsman Homes: Plans Drawings Photographs

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Gustav Stickley published 221 numbered designs of his own house designs with working plans made available to build the houses. In addition to providing plans of those houses appearing in The Craftsman magazine free to subscribers, his architectural department produced plans for houses on request, for a fee. A total of 254 home designs have been identified, with many more probably waiting to be found. These designs ranged from mansions to mountain camps, and most were built in the rapidly expanding suburbs at the turn of the twentieth century. This book makes all Stickley’s known house designs available in one place for the first time. Most of the images reproduced here come from The Craftsman magazine and well over half appear here for the first time since they were published almost a hundred years ago. Each house is presented with an exterior illustration to show the reader how Stickley envisioned it, along with floor plans. For houses that have features of interest, additional illustrations and architectural elevation drawings are presented. The most unique features of this book are comparative photographs in color and historical photographs of existing homes built from the plans. Probably thousands of these houses in suburbs and towns across America were built in the early days of the twentieth century and are waiting to be discovered and enjoyed. We are only now realizing the profound effect that Gustav Stickley had on modern design, and this compendium takes a big step toward exploring his impact on popularizing residential home styles in the twentieth century. Stickley’s Craftsman Homes presents valuable information that historic homeowners and buyers, architects and historians need in order to identify and preserve the surviving Stickley homes. Ray Stubblebine, a professional photojournalist, is a Trustee of the Craftsman Farms Foundation. He is a writer and a speaker on the Arts and Crafts movement in America, whose articles and photographs have been published in Style 1900, Old House Journal, Old House Interiors, New Jersey Monthly, New Jersey Design, and the New York Times.







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