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Dear Friends,

Gustav Stickley was a planner. He put time, energy and thought into detailed plans for his furniture, lighting, restaurant, magazine and, of course, for the many homes he designed. His intention was to build simple things that would last a lifetime—and beyond. Through his planning, designs, philosophy, and foresight he was crafting the future.

As someone who cares about the Stickley Museum at Craftsman Farms, you may not realize that you have also helped to craft our future. Your support allows us to welcome and educate visitors, to share the joy of handwork with youngsters, to care for the museum’s important collection, and to preserve and maintain this National Historic Landmark.

I hope that you will help us today by making a year-end gift to support the work you value.

What does it mean to craft the future today? “Crafting the future” is about designing—or crafting—each aspect of our work with the same care and attention to detail that Stickley himself gave to his work. It’s about keeping education at the heart of our mission. Education is who we are and what we do and it’s why your support is so important. Building strong educational programs for both adults and children helps ensure that the museum will be a solid institution for the next 5 years—and the next 50years too!

Education has been a draw for one of our visitors—Emma—whose parents have been bringing her to the Museum since she was a young girl. As a small child, she loved the Museum’s scavenger hunt—designed to spark curiosity. As a “pre-teen”, she became a volunteer at our semi-annual Family Days and helped younger children to enjoy simple, “old-fashioned” games. Today, she is a loyal and enthusiastic “tween” who already knows quite a bit about Gustav Stickley and visits Craftsman Farms often to learn more.

Your contributions allow us to welcome Emma—and others like her—and to fuel their interest in history and design.  Our challenge is to continue to connect people to the values that Gustav Stickley embraced—the joy of simple things, the ideal of living in harmony with nature and the value of education. Our mission is to insure that historic preservation, restoration and education continue to be at the core of all we do.


Won’t you help us craft the future by making a year-end gift?


Your gift will allow us to share the philosophy of the Arts and Crafts movement through our tours, educational programs, and special events. Your gift will ensure that visitors—like Emma—learn about history, design, art and architecture. Your gift will help to craft the future of the Stickley Museum at Craftsman Farms.





As we enter our 26th year as a Museum, we are proud of the progress you and others like you have helped us achieve. Preservation of our buildings progresses, care of our collection is ongoing, our family days continue to reach new audiences, and our educational programs are of the highest quality. Our volunteer docents receive consistently high praise for delivering interesting and meaningful tours. Yet, there is still more to be done. Your gift can impact the future of the Stickley Museum at Craftsman Farms in a meaningful way.


I hope you will be as generous as you can and visit us at to make a secure online donation. Every gift makes a difference and protects the legacy that Gustav Stickley left behind.


Thank you.



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Barbara Weiskittel, President

Board of Trustees



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p.s.  Your gift of any size can help craft the future.  With a gift of $100, we’ll send

you this stone coaster as a small token of thanks.           

p.p.s.  If your company has a matching gift program, I hope you will include us and have your gift matched.  Thank you!









Barbara Weiskittel, President



Board of Trustees

21 October 2016


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Crafting the Future Weekend 2015